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Preserve Press is the culmination of Janna Abraham's deep connection to her Tennessee roots and her desire to stay connected to her family and hometown in Dickson County, while living in Southern California. During a summer visit to the country, she captured the landmarks and scenery that held a special place in her heart, giving birth to the "Homeplace" line of coasters. These photos not only reflected her love for these locations but also evoked warm childhood memories.

Driven by her hometown pride and Tennessee upbringing, Janna transformed this initial endeavor into a full-fledged brand. Preserve Press became a licensed vendor with The University of Southern California in 2017 and soon expanded to secure licenses with The University of Tennessee and other colleges across the southeastern region. The licensed product line celebrates the vibrant campus life and unforgettable moments experienced by fans, alumni, and students.


In 2020, Janna made the decision to leave California behind and return to her true home in Tennessee. Preserve Press is now registered in Dickson County, where daily operations take place in Janna's childhood home, creating a serendipitous fusion of heart, soul, and business.

Janna's marketing background and unwavering passion for all things Tennessee drive her close collaborations with various brands and UT Systems departments. Together, they craft high-end promotional products and customized gifts that carry deep meaning and create lasting memories. You can find Preserve Press products at select retail shops across Tennessee, making them easily accessible and cherished by locals.

As a proud Made-in-the-USA company, Preserve Press takes pride in its commitment to charitable causes. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase supports cancer research and assists fellow Tennesseans in need. With Preserve Press, you not only get exceptional products but also contribute to making a positive impact on the community.

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